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Installing an aftermarket steering wheel on your 5th Gen 4Runner?

Installing an aftermarket steering wheel on your 5th Gen 4Runner? - 8Runner Offroad

Nathan Krig |

The aftermarket parts availability for the 5th generation Toyota 4Runner is nearly unmatched. The platform has been available for 13 years now and still maintains a top spot when it comes to capability and versatility. There is an overwhelming mountain of products; however, when we went searching for a solution to install an aftermarket steering wheel on our shop rigs we were left wanting.

This led to the development of the 8Runner Offroad steering wheel kit. There were a few solutions on the market, but nothing that offered a solution for maintaining the factory steering wheel button functionality or cruise control.

Let's talk about why we made the choice to ditch the factory Toyota steering wheel and upgrade to an aftermarket wheel. The choice was simple, we are pursuing offroad performance. A racing wheel is one the most enjoyable noticeable modifications you can do, the installation process is simple, not to mention the transformative effect on the look and feel of the interior.

Before going with an aftermarket wheel, we addressed some glaring safety issues. Swapping out the steering wheel requires removing the factory steering wheel airbag. There are some additional safety measures to take when doing that. We chose to add in PRP racing seats, an 8Runner harness bar, and PRP 5 Point cam-lock harnesses. This inspired us to offer a complete interior kit, packaged with everything you need to safely run an aftermarket steering wheel.

Our most exclusive offering is the 5th Gen 4Runner steering wheel switch relocation kit. This is a kit we designed to retain fully function steering wheel buttons and cruise control. This takes the headache out of making the switch to an aftermarket wheel. We paired up with a quick release hub and the 8Runner 5th Gen steering wheel hub adapter transforming the look and feel of the 4Runner. The install was quick and easy, check out the instructions, and see for yourself!

Steering Wheel Switch Relocation Kit