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What lift should you install on your Toyota?

What lift should you install on your Toyota? - 8Runner Offroad

Nathan Krig |

This is probably the most asked question throughout all of my social media channels. The answer to this question varies dramatically depending on the goals for your build. If you are anything like me, you are probably looking at the built 4Runners and Tacomas and thinking,

"Wow I don't need anything even close to that."

I am going to caution you that "need" rarely plays a part when it comes to modifying a vehicle. With that in mind, before you go buying a lift, I have some advice that will hopefully save you some heartache as well as a few bucks in the long run.

Plan your next move...

When I was first starting the TRDLun4R (@TRDLun4R on Instagram) I did not plan much. I began with a simple 2.5" Bilstein coil-over suspension lift and some basic 600lb OME rear springs. While this accomplished the look that I wanted, the performance was not what I was looking for. Yes... I removed factory FOX Suspension and replaced it with inexpensive Bilstein parts. 

Why would I do that?

The simple answer is that I wanted to run 33's. I had not seen a Lunar Rock 4Runner on 33's yet and at the time I had other vehicle projects going on. I decided that a simple lift was all that I "needed." 

There it is again... needed. The truth is you aren't modifying out of necessity, with few exceptions. So here it is, buy suspension that is more than what you need. I know money is a factor BUT if you look at the big picture you will save money by buying something to grow into. I paid nearly $1000 for my first suspension setup, I very quickly realized that the on road and mild off-road performance was acceptable, but it certainly looked better than it performed. Had I really thought about what I intended to do with the 4Runner I would have saved the $1000 I spent on the original lift.

Buy once... cry once...

I love that phrase, it encompasses so many of my mistakes. My suggestion is to plan your build. If you have a blueprint for what you are going for, the pieces can be purchased as funds and deals become available.

My lift recommendations change for every situation. High end suspensions are purpose driven and there really isn't one that encompasses all facets of off-roading. That being said, I will break down what my most commonly recommended suspension setups are and the reasonings behind them.

The beach build.

These options give you a solid bang for your buck. Performance will be very similar to OEM, however you will get additional clearance due to the suspension height. These kits are perfect for the beach goer,

4Runner | 


Tacoma | Complete OME 1.5-3.2 Suspension lift Kit | Part #: omeESSENTIALS2